Could I
ever do enough
Enough to make you feel
the way you
want to feel,
filled with love?

Could I
ever do enough
enough to make you wear this love
not like a collar
But a shoulder you truly belong
and hold onto
never to let go?

Could I
ever do enough
Enough to make this coffee
better than bitter tap water?
to make you forget
his bitter love

Could I
Ever Place a cold hand,
next to your heartbeat
Saying farewell.
Too long,
Too soon.
to goodbyes
would i?,
maybe not

Oh, would you draw a line
if it got too shallow
To swallow yo pride?

Or let me Crown you
with sunlight,
In laughter,
and love.

Could I,
ever make you
fell worthy
not worse
in the beauty you wear
like an Armour?



I miss you

Walking down these lonely streets
Only thing looking at me are these bright lights
Love thoughts running through my mind
A heart of love once got now lost
Whispers of her voice ringing through my mind
Anonymous images of her innocent eyes

Yes the eyes i once looked right through
Right through with every bit of affection
Affection With her fingers fitting right in-between mine
She was the best thing that ever happened to me
But See i hurt her heart and broke down every piece of her

Broken into pieces that she started to hate love
Am sorry i took away every bit of you that still loved
Everyday looking at pictures of you in our bedroom wall and
They remind me of you
It’s been three years now
Three years of a heart i am not proud to say i broke
and i still miss you

©Okello Chris August


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

There were always flowers.

Orchids pinned upon a mother’s breast,

All lace and diamonds.

Long black gloves

And painted lips,

As she left, laughing.

A child who watched

As the door closed.

There were flowers…

Yellow tulips,

Cellophane and ribbon

A girl who blushed

As the curtain fell

Upon the stage;

She cradled them,

A first bouquet.

There were flowers,

Roses and lilies

White, in hands and hair,

Their fragrance mingled

With frankincense,

A ghost of awe and wonder

Finding a home

In memory.

There were flowers…

Rainbow hued,


Greeting a life newborn,

With love and welcome,

Lighting stark severity

As a babe cried.

There were flowers…

Daisy chains

Around his brow,

Crowning him with sunlight,

In laughter,

In simplicity,

In love.

There were flowers,

Three roses,

Red as life,

Placed in a cold hand,

One for each heart

Saying farewell.

Too long,

Too soon.

There are flowers,

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Did you listen?
did you listen to the voices
when you painted your lips red
and wore your maroon wig just to catch a gig

In the month of January just 3 hours after your break up
your heart was heavy and you were hurting

when you loved jack but he loved Jackie more
you started to curse love because you felt unloved and unwanted
All you wanted was to live life and drown in lust just to bury your frustration

But did you listen to the silent voices
those your poor mother in her late 60s said in her prayers
all she wanted was abrighter future and a happier life for her daughter

Apio my daughter,
dont ruin your life was all she prayed for
but every night your naked body was all the men in prado cars preyed on
On her bended knees in her prayer room,she recited the hail mary,
but she was never certain Holy mary even listened

She became a prayer warrior for your sake but
You sold your soul to immorality and your sex life was a mess
lodges and disco teques became your home
your life, a topic of discussion and your diginity a disgrace

But did you?
did you even listen to the voices in your head when your vice spread and your faith, lost
Like the words you never spoke was the virus in you
you tasted HIV positive and your mother dropped dead after you dropped out of school

What a tragedy
you became a victim of your own circumsatance and your relatives gave you distance
but did you listen?
Maybe those silent voices were Gods direction in whispers of verses you didn’t traverse
So you,
You didn’t Listen

(Romans 7:21-25)

© August Chris Okello

Akeshongoro “The last beat”

Hello you Mr. presenter
you there rocking my air waves live from entebbe mu state house
with your favourite akeshongoro.
Its me calling
Ninye your loyal citizen mu city eno downtown

Play me that akeshongoro that played on that fateful day mu kasheshe in kasese
Let Omumbere listen to it with fear from his seat in rwenzururu
as his subjects die protecting themselves with machettes from machine guns
and when its over, please replay it for me nera nera nera atte tokendeza

Please dedicate it to SFC
So when it plays,they can sing along to it with the Military police as its backup singers
let civilians dance kitaguriro to its beats of torture
For its lyrics will be written from rwakitura and translated in runyakitara
Buza Omubanda wa kabaka omubaka wa parliamenti

bambi presenter dont let it stop,
post it on facebook, let me pay OTT so i can pause it in opposition
aka akeshongoro that even the minister of ethics cant stop from playing
for when it starts to play,
police sings to the chorus with tear gas and live bullets on peaceful protesters
some being professors

That which when heard,land in Apaa is grabbed and women strip naked in protest
let me listen to its hook
but before you play it,sing me its accapela.

That which goes like,
You want another rap?
You want another rap?
for ill boldly reply yes… sebbo

Naye mwana presenter
dont play me another song
play me that your favourite akeshongoro
let its last beats be heard in hospitals, for when doctors sing along and want salary increment,Cuban doctors will be brought
@August Chris Okello


Let me ask you a question
If God was apolitician, would he seat at state house as a president
or would he rather seat in parliament as a people elected legislator?

would he belong to NRM,FDC,DP
or would he belong to independent for no political ideas from parties would impress him?

If God was a politician, would he walk upto his voters to campaign
or would he just seat there confortable waiting to start a Coup D’état to get into power?

If God was a politician, would he betray the voices of his voters through his violent government
no, would he look at violence in disgust
or would he thirst for more power just to stay longer in power?

If God was a politician, would he be a ruler or a leader in a ruling party
or would he become a dictator who hates democracy and prefers vote rigging over his peoples decisions?

If God was a politician, would he rather rape his country’s constitution to suit his personal needs
or would he serve his term in office and respect articles of the constitution no-matter his political affiliation and what he stands for?

If God was a politician,would he tell lies in assurance for prosperity for all
or would he rather come back with “kisanja hakuna muchezo” with more corruption and embezzlement of public funds in oppression of tax payers?

But if Politics was God, Would we embrace his teaching of Love for each other
or would we kill each other and hide behind masks of goodness yet with so much more evil behind us?
Just tell me,if GOD was a politician, would there be another politician in the name of opposition?

© Okello Chris August

Shes just a country (A poem about my country UGANDA)

Let me tell you a story,
a tale only the bold can tell from the pearl of Africa
A story far beyond OTT and Mobile money tax from a taxi
A country whose love is like a winter chill as constant as an Umeme bill
no-wonder her constitutional bills are tabled in parliament and amended in favor of her minority people
her leaders no longer lead her so they start to exploit her
As night grows near her heart begins to fear
fear For she hears about the news on NTV
with anger, sadness, disappointment
all wrapped up in a fist full of fingers
Her citizens living in cities of old cottages of clay and only of mud are the floors falling into decay
her children crying for bread and only to their poor mothers they run for break fast just to break their thirst for they have not even a morsel of food
but does it matter,
does it matter to her leaders if the taps run dry and belly’s empty?
Yet, she thinks of pain
feels the pain
and hates the pain.
so she cry’s out for help but she,
she is  just a country
A country whose youth throw job application letters  like a dice in different offices only to be answered with “my friend know yo connections well
All she hears about in the news is the daily songs her politicians sung out aloud in their manifestos
“AAAHHH dear voters,when you put me into power,i promise our youths will not have to walk the streets 
my government will ensure most of our young generation have jobs”
but dear Mr politician, these were the same lies you told after every term in office and still she believed you
year after year with a new agenda Tuli ku lugendo kununula egwanga lyaffe naye mwana kisanja hakuna muchezo, mwatufera
So she gave her citizens freedom of speech but piece by piece she was not certain of their freedom after speech
Her people in power much more than the power of her people
threw to waste billions of her hard earned money
Giving millions to their cronies without so much as an apology so they suppressed her economy
A sad confession to tell but she still thinks of suicides,street kids and rape
stands here awake yet without purpose for prosperity
even after an assurance for prosperity for all
Her children don’t survive anymore
they kill themselves
And she wonders if they forgot her foundation mixed with colors of her people,sunlight and brotherhood
Shes been weeping and screaming while we sit down tweeting not knowing whats beyond our screens
so tell me
tell me why you haven’t been listening to her all this while
AUGUST Chris Okello


These words


These words they said to each other
for better for worse
words that meant i love you in a million different ways
with a golden ring they made their vows amidst friends and family as the preacher read scriptures of love

Happily they lived untill that fateful night when he was brutally murdered in cold blood
his body lay cold twenty yards outside their maritual home courtyard
Little did she know that these words,these words till death do us part would part her from her lover for eternity

Now she looks at her ring in despair of never finding true love
but these words,
these words they exchanged for love on their special day brings tears to her eyes
his time was short but she wasnt worth the shock she thought

Its now exactly three years on a sunny sunday morning, she looks outside her window a young widow 
staring at her late husbands graveyard with his words still fresh in her mind
he might have left her sight but her wounds burst open every time she thinks of his words

© Okello Chris August



IMG_20180408_173828.jpgShe is the brightest star in the Galaxy
Star that guides me home after a night long of drinking
Her voice is a song that tops Charts in my mind
I could listen to her talk for hours
Four hours just us

She is the acoustic that plays on the strings of my guitar
So my fingers play her string to string just to listen one more time
She is a poem so beautiful
Poets could recite her over and over and never will they get enough of her
She is a work of art so rare to find

She is a golden Queen with no throne
Forget the slay queens with make up just to make up
She is radiant in her appearance
So natural with a smile so wide she wears like make up everyday
beautiful and captivating

She is happiness in sorrow
A taste of Joy
Like a lighthouse beam reaching towards a boat guiding it back to the shores, her Love is the guidelines i could read from page to page just so i could love her more
She seized a grip on my heart
Her worth is not defined by wealth or fame
She is simply a beautiful masterpiece





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