(The Village Belle Back Then)Here is a short tale mama always toldof a beautiful village belle backthen called Amitoshe often started the storywith You see son,Amito wore no shade of make-upand the beauty in her eyes werethe glow that shined like the sunrise in Patikoshe was dark in complexionwith a shimmering skin as ifshe bathed … Continue reading Amito


Inspired by Maurice Lamony 's Gulu Needs new prostitutes The girls inMy neighborhood,As the sun goesTo sleep and theDoor of nightKnocksIt's another day For them.They wake upMake upAnd wear theirFavourite skimpy Tight skirtsAs short as belowtheir bottomButtocksExposing their charcoalBlackKnee capsAnd a multi colored legLooking like a potatoBurnt by wild hotFlamescrop topsThat expose the buttonsOf their … Continue reading MALAYA GULU

Tara (Lamp)

Today I'll tell you about my Mum's Tara ,we won't talk about Umeme.Growing up,there were things you couldn't put a finger on or even try to look in the direction of where they were being kept without being questioned.The breakable plates and cups in the cupboard were one of those things.mere touching the side board … Continue reading Tara (Lamp)